Case Study: Job Descriptions

Case Study: Categorizing and Sorting Job Descriptions with Taylor Classification

How Taylor helps US-based job aggregators structure their most important asset - job postings data - with robust categorizations.

The most problematic data often comes from external sources: sources you don’t own, control, or manage. This is particularly problematic when it’s unstructured text (like job descriptions, which are challenging to clean and sort).

Today, many HR Tech companies and job aggregation platforms are using job postings in their products for:

  • Content Aggregation: Collecting and listing content (e.g., a job board that aggregates job postings from multiple sites).
  • Product Development: Building products and services on jobs (e.g., a recommendation system for recommending similar jobs to applicants).
  • Analytics & Research: Analyzing trends and market research (e.g., tracking and analyzing the distribution of jobs and user preferences).

The biggest challenge to the above is making jobs data clean and usable. The below is a brief summary of how Taylor improves your jobs data with classifiers.

O*NET Classification

There are many jobs in the US. We classify jobs by ONET classifications so you have the most structured and comprehensive taxonomy to sort your jobs data.

For example, the above railway structural engineer job posting is tagged as 17-2051.00 which represents:

  • 17 - Major occupational group: Architecture & Eng Occupations
  • 20 - Minor occupational group: Engineers
  • 51 - Broad occupation: Civil Engineers
  • .00 - Detailed occupation: No further specialization for this occupation

Relevance Scoring

Not all jobs fit neatly in a single bucket. We provide relevance scores so you can set what level of relevance is necessary for an ONET classification to be deemed accurate and returned in the API response.

Multiple Labels

You may also want multiple classifications. We allow you to get multiple classifications. For example, an Account Manager job posting may be a combination of Customer Success and Sales.


When you hit our API, we remove HTML tags and incorrect concatenations (e.g. “About UsAcme Company is a solar panel provider”) that are typical in jobs data. We also apply relevance filters so you can pass in the whole JD with irrelevant content (e.g. COVID-19 office policies). Your job descriptions may also have encoding errors (e.g. apostrophe as &#x or ellipsis as &hellip).

We take care of the data issues so your classifications are reliable.

Mapping ONET to Internal Taxonomy

In addition, we map ONET to your internal taxonomy so you get jobs labeled with both ONET and your internal (hopefully simpler!) taxonomy. When a job gets labeled with ONET, the associated secondary mapped label is also returned (if there are multiple labels mapped to an ONET code, the most relevant one is returned).

Get Started

To get started, you can use our API to classify your jobs. Sign in, grab your API key, and start classifying your jobs. The free tier allows you to classify 1,000 jobs as a trial.

Sample API Request

import requests
api_key = "xx-your-api-key-here"
res =
    headers = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {api_key}"},
        "model": "job_postings_onet",
        "texts": [
          """Full job description **** EXPERIENCE ONLY ***** We are a small non-union company seeking an experienced low-voltage Security Systems Technician to join our team. In this role, you must be familiar with Access Control, Video Management systems.Security Systems Technician , associated security systems installation, and troubleshooting experience. Systems certfictions is a plus. xxxx We only consider individuals with experience installing security systems. xxxx Primary Responsibilities: Installation of access control devices, video management and surveillance systems, intrusion, CCTV, paging, and other low voltage systems in medium and large commercial buildings. Ability to program or experience with programming of access control, security, CCTV, and Turnstiles is a plus. Manafcature system certification is a plus. Troubleshoot, and resolve field device problems including card readers, camera, and door locking hardware-related issues. Coordinate the project activities with other trades Communicate and effectively interact with other contractors and building owners. Read and interpret blueprints, diagrams, submittals, specifications, software/systems programs, schematics, and operational product manuals. Assist customers on-site with all questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner. Industry-related experience is a\"Must\". Good driving record Clean background xxxx The pay rate would be based on experience and qualifications xxxx Job Type: Full-time Pay: $35.00 - $50.00 per hour Expected hours: 40 per week Benefits: Dental insurance Health insurance Paid time off Vision insurance Schedule: 8 hour shift Monday to Friday On call Overtime Education: High school or equivalent (Preferred) Experience: Computer skills: 3 years (Preferred) Work Location: Multiple locations"""
        "threshold": 0.5, # Optional, score threshold
        "top_k": 1 # Optional, max number of labels to return